Trend Media City is about SPACE.

   A SPACE to think, to INNOVATE and to EMPOWER. Talent thrives only in conducive SPACES that reflect their own creativity and drive. Trend Media City will provide that SPACE in Africa and in some selected cities around the world. TMC intelligent smart city in Africa will become a working hub, home and notable center for today's creative economy. It will become an economic development center, a technology cluster, a media hub, an entertainment center, a film park, a city of international conventions and important celebrity events, attracting and retaining some of the world's best talents and entrepreneurs into a safe and secure SPACE in Africa with highest quality lifestyle. It is a place to live and a place to work. Trend Media City is about PEOPLE. The people who INNOVATE and create economic prosperity and unimaginable wealth for mankind. It takes the mind to INNOVATE, develop ideas, build change, create economic prosperity and advance a society. Talented people with the mind power to cause a change. People who INNOVATE. The inflow of educated, talented and ambitious PEOPLE into one SPACE will dispel myths which block progress and finally force a shift of emphasis away from the exploitation of natural resources as a source of economic prosperity into INNOVATION and creative economy. Trend Media City is Tool for economic EMPOWERMENT. It will attract, discover, hone, educate and motivate talents who develop new knowledge, new ways, new ideas and new wealth and empowerment. TREND MEDIA CITY – Opening a New Window to the World. Trend Media City Limited opens a new window and new opportunities to the world to discover new talents coming from Africa and Africans in diaspora, and create more wealth.

The up-market residential apartments and condos will set new standards in design, construction, energy efficiency and luxury. The ecofriendly green and secure environment with renewable clean energy source and robot operated transportation system will become home to some of the most creative minds and intellectual capital that will develop businesses in the Arts, literature, culture, media, entertainment, science, technology and tourism sectors to deliver great value to all stakeholders.


Tourist are given tours of the indoors sets and post productions studios in the Film City. Also for the adventurous, excursions are given in and around Lagos, where their favorite films were shot. If that isn’t enough, at the end of the day, they can relax and enjoy exciting movies at the multiplex theater in the city’s entertainment zone. Commercial and restaurant space near the hotels offer a relaxing shopper’s paradise for the day and when the sun goes down, an active nightlife gives rise.


From its high rise luxury living, Trend Media City will be attracting successful international Africans and others who have been in search of a place to call Home. Trend Media City is the global living place with international standard of living. The Trend Media City development will be located in a spectacular “eco-friendly” property measuring more than 1million square meters, at the proximity of the Lagos lagoon.

It will become the hub for businesses in the creative industry that will leverage abundant natural resources, excellent weather, low wages and favorable Government policies on the sector to deliver the highest returns on investment. It will become an important global destination for film making, major celebrity events, conventions and exhibitions, as well as a popular destination for conventions and exhibitions.

It will provide the best leisure activities for visitors from all around the world and derive benefit as a theme park economy, an international "green" tourism destination and a business park. Trend Media City will be a city for media, entertainment and lifestyle, gathering a pool of world’s best talents in an ideal “live-work-play” environment in Africa.